Transforming dead earbuds into POWERFUL wireless speakers

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Additional guide can be found here:

Broken Galaxy Buds (ebay):

(UK link: )

Speaker drivers:
2" subwoofer and radiator:

2" mid/treble unit:


Protected batteries:


  1. DIY Perks

    DIY Perks

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    Hey everyone, I've FINALLY finished the additional tips-and-tricks guide to go along with my dual-stereo speaker project. In it you can find full details of the crossover & smoothing circuitry, dimensions and cutouts (CNC files and also a square version that's easier to build), and extra info about some cool bluetooth receiver boards that work as a stereo pair if you don't want to go with ear buds. Enjoy!

    • chris redfield

      chris redfield

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      Can someone please share the Crossover? I really need it.

    • MR.WhiteDevil


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      @Abhinav Sharma he uploaded the guide on the patreon which means you have to pay the link is in the description

    • Abhinav Sharma

      Abhinav Sharma

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      @MR.WhiteDevil hey where does he uploded the guide

    • Sabahaddin Arslan

      Sabahaddin Arslan

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      @MR.WhiteDevil same... Was excited but have to pay :( ...

    • MZX


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      IT IS HEEEEERE!!!!

  2. Christian Lagera

    Christian Lagera

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    Omg, I thought you paired old earbuds with old speakers and just wired them together. I didn't know you built actual speaker enclosures.

  3. codehardr


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    comparing to bose speakers even my farts can sound like music

  4. krishnakumar R

    krishnakumar R

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    can I get the 3 analog circuitry system's diagram ( 7:52 )

  5. Kleine Eule

    Kleine Eule

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    Ist ja schön und gut aber weißt du was du für ein Fehler gemacht hast, als du die Akkus gemacht hast? Du hast das BMS vergessen mit an zu schließen an deine Akkus sonst können die Tiefensendladen werden und damit sind die hinüber.

  6. Martin Aleph

    Martin Aleph

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    u r a psico

  7. Nobody Extraspare

    Nobody Extraspare

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    Maybe next time you can show us how to create DIY Tablet having screen possible write active Stylus/Pen screen based on raspberry pi (stripped out unnecessary ports)..? Students on all of the world would be graceful for such a project!

  8. Abhinav Sharma

    Abhinav Sharma

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    does matt actually read the comments we write to him?

  9. Reel


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    Thank you. Always enjoying watching your videos.

  10. Syukri Zainal

    Syukri Zainal

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    Come to a point i think i'll just check out my online shopping cart hmm

  11. Friday Californiaa

    Friday Californiaa

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    Next : I made a James Webb Space Telescope with a dead spoon and some tape...

  12. Gabriel Uzowulu

    Gabriel Uzowulu

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    Wow, this is some nice build. Time to go look for some earbuds to recycle

  13. Google Sucks

    Google Sucks

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    Lmfao. After buying all that crap, the tools needed, and time..which is money. Just buy a set from somewhere and save money.

  14. Nik Hadi

    Nik Hadi

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    This is too simple for me so i'm not going to do it.

  15. Vasilli Ryjikh

    Vasilli Ryjikh

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    Wow, what a huge difference! And the Bose is actually one of the better, if not best, small BT speaker. Respek!

  16. GoopGoop


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    Loved the video, though it was a shame you included the fake 'recordings' of the two different speakers at the end.

  17. Andy Neipert

    Andy Neipert

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    Can i yoo old earbuds in a machboxs fire trucks make speakers out of them?

  18. Siss Derella

    Siss Derella

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    150€ for two 2'' subs... great value! A used Orion HCCA 15 inch driver costs 450€... :'D

  19. Landon Deveny

    Landon Deveny

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    “Rich base” it sounds like music from a basement, the Bose speaker sounds way better

  20. Burt Da newbb

    Burt Da newbb

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    Can I do this with Apple AirPod

  21. ZapJub


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    Can anyone share the diagram of those "Crossover"...

  22. 585zoli


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    I’m thinking to convert my Beats Solo 2 wired to wireless by reusing the bluetooth circuit of some knockoff airpods. The problem is there is not much space inside the headphones…

  23. Benjamin H

    Benjamin H

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    Loved the vid, wanted to know if you could combine it with something like is shown here:

  24. Sabrina Flipse

    Sabrina Flipse

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    What abt old Bluetooth headsets? What can I make with them?

  25. Dougie


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    I think I would rather bye a pair of headphones for the building of the speakers

  26. Bison


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    Hello Is there any other way to get the instructions? I'm ready to pay for it too. However, I do not want to be a member of patreon.

  27. Red Twelve

    Red Twelve

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    Homie loves wood don't he?

  28. Mason Menke

    Mason Menke

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    Any chance I could buy those from you sir?

  29. Matthieu DEQUEKER

    Matthieu DEQUEKER

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    Hello ! Work in progress...Galaxy bud+ have 2 speakers per pod, I wasn't expecting this but it offers interesting ideas.

  30. Kjuure


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    Definitely a project i will be doing in the future. I personally will probably use a pair of earphones which have button control to make bluetooth pairing easier to integrate.

  31. Félicien Unal

    Félicien Unal

    10 ימים לפני

    Where is the guide ?

    • DIY Perks

      DIY Perks

      9 ימים לפני

      It's been added now.

  32. ahxi shwe

    ahxi shwe

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    too tiny for my old eyes. but i enjoyed this video.

  33. MZX


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    I'm still thirsty for this project guide, i hope it isn't forgot 😢

  34. Sabahaddin Arslan

    Sabahaddin Arslan

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    Hey Matt, I appreciate your videos and how much you put in to them. So I wanted to give a quick thanks. I was wondering though, when you planned on uploading the guide. It has been a while and I really wanted to have a look and do this project myself.

  35. mees kees

    mees kees

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    where is the guide for the filters

  36. I killed that beard guy

    I killed that beard guy

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    Me waiting for Project guide : ☠️

  37. jijin a

    jijin a

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    Dont try this at home !

  38. Patrick Lim

    Patrick Lim

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    Used Sony or Bose = $50 Just saved you a day. You're welcome,

  39. SUNIL A S


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  40. Uche Oji

    Uche Oji

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    This means Bluetooth speaker companies are taking us for a ride then?

  41. Kevin James

    Kevin James

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    Your videos are amazing but seriously there will be such a small percentage who has all these tools. So waste of time for the majority of people.

  42. Satyam Singh

    Satyam Singh

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    DIY motorized height adjustable desk please.

  43. Gökhan ARITÜRK

    Gökhan ARITÜRK

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    I am waiting still guide, thanks..

  44. PandorasCrate


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    Just gotta say, my gen 1 galaxy buds are frickin' tanks. Love them so much, I'm going to run them until they die.

  45. Aidyn Zaur

    Aidyn Zaur

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  46. Isaac Leuck

    Isaac Leuck

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    where is the guide for the capacitor and resistor setup



    12 ימים לפני

    Hm,i think that system of charge is no so comfortable, you need to take a BMS + 18650 mode and charge it with 12,6 V(may be another voltage) charger and also instead I-Max yo can charge accumulators 5x5 mm connector.It's not difficult and not so problematic.

  48. SurecJoe


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    is there an ETA for the guide?

  49. FlipFloppi


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  50. ikbennietingebruik


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    Please upload the guide

  51. RcCW0lf


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    Thats pretty nice speakers but... most people cant do that and dont have those things

  52. ahn - music producer

    ahn - music producer

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    build a surround sound system from those

  53. Aditya Prabhune

    Aditya Prabhune

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    Project guide????



    13 ימים לפני


  55. Vidar Jakobsen

    Vidar Jakobsen

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    is there an estimate of how long shortly lasts?

  56. Gamer Hemanth

    Gamer Hemanth

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    Nice turning eard buuds into speaker noice

  57. anhhunghaohan


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    please upload the guide, thank you a lot :)

  58. Kami sama

    Kami sama

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    Oh i think my earbud just died. Time to take it apart :P

  59. Ed Fitzgerald

    Ed Fitzgerald

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    JBL Partyboost stereo mode?

  60. Tyler Carrington

    Tyler Carrington

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    Can I just buy those off you

  61. Cohen Murray

    Cohen Murray

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    Where the f is the guide???

  62. A Beginner's POV

    A Beginner's POV

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    Can we get the guide now, please?

  63. Jimmy Brooks

    Jimmy Brooks

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    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)

  64. TheHighFellow


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    Can you make diys that dont require wood cutting tools not everyone has those or are gonna go out n buy it

  65. Michael Akers

    Michael Akers

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    Could you connect these to an exciter on a DIY foam panel speaker???

  66. DFKnightmare


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    Masterclass. Well done sir.

  67. Dor Shilo

    Dor Shilo

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  68. Lasky Labs

    Lasky Labs

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    I would love to do this with a pair of broken Sony earbuds, because of their LDAC.

  69. Jonmiah Hernandez

    Jonmiah Hernandez

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    With all due respect, where are the plans? I am ready to pay for them.

  70. DDS Workshop

    DDS Workshop

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    I have tons of old busted earbuds! I can't wait to try this. Waiting on the guide to be uploaded.

  71. Darkos


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    Will the gude be uploaded any time soon? ^^

  72. rian rafi

    rian rafi

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    Please upload the guide

  73. Bas Schuiling

    Bas Schuiling

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    Wonderig how difficult it would be to upgrade the Ikea's Sonos speakers to higher sound spec (3 speakers) ánd adding BT support....

  74. Deep Das

    Deep Das

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    Warning ⚠️ there is no guide for this project, so be careful before attempting to build this project.

  75. chris000852


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    when will you upload the guide ??

  76. Wolf Blue

    Wolf Blue

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    These could benefit from some polyfill inside the enclosures to remove the resonant wood sound, and a tweeter to help handle the highs, but that's likely too complex for those amps you're making use of. All in all though, the look wonderful, and are pretty smart!

  77. Vikhnesh AR

    Vikhnesh AR

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    I have a (realme)neckband whose one side stopped working Can i use it to make these speakers

  78. Chris Perry

    Chris Perry

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    Anyone know where we can find project files? I found what I think is his website but the only thing I can find to clic sends me back to his channel

  79. Deepak Kumar Kishan

    Deepak Kumar Kishan

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    Did you forget to upload the guide ?

  80. Kieron Jones

    Kieron Jones

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    It be cool if you make a video on making a case for them out of walnut wood and the fabric you used I reckon that would be awesome!

  81. Eddie C.

    Eddie C.

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    Very awesome. would not think that small drivers can produce such reach deep sound. Looks like it's time to start playing back with miniatures again:)

  82. Blake Butler

    Blake Butler

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    Can you post the guide or at least the pass filters?

  83. RawrItsTayL0R


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    they sound like crap to me man

  84. Nathan Wolff

    Nathan Wolff

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    Where is the guide?

  85. Cadillac94pimpin


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    The mysterious chess immediately spare because closet erroneously arrange pace a symptomatic hook. deserted, aggressive look

  86. Tay46320


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    Yet another video with out Link's to materials 😡

  87. wesleylook16


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    When will the guide (with the filter schematic) be published?

  88. dessert03


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    Does someone know how long he usually needs to upload the guide?

  89. Mahi Ahammed

    Mahi Ahammed

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    Very good but it’s not recharging without open Bettary

  90. Akhilesh Sawant

    Akhilesh Sawant

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    You're a Pro 🙌

  91. ASW や RYUGA


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    music name ? \

  92. escapist._


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    "The guide will be uploaded shortly." So that was a f***ing lie. Now I have to research what a low/high/band pass filter is. In all seriousness, this is a great idea and I am now looking into converting some old headphones into something I never would've thought of, thank you.

    • Nakanowatari


      12 ימים לפני

      I think you can skip the filters he mentioned. As far as I know, all the filters does is make the speaker a bit more efficient. Even if you know what these filters are, given that he didnt give his configurations, you'll ended up having to experiment on your own. Unless you have a degree in electrical engineering, a frequency generator, and a multi-meter lying around, all you can do is look the internet for some design someone made and trust the work they did.

  93. Andrew Halliday Music

    Andrew Halliday Music

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    the side by side comparison with bose made the video work so well!

  94. Adam Bernal

    Adam Bernal

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    The tools to make these cost just as much as these speakers would probably cost

  95. Music Lover

    Music Lover

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    Sorry! I'm just skipping all the way..

  96. Sai Karthik Nagarajan

    Sai Karthik Nagarajan

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  97. Tristan Morrow

    Tristan Morrow

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    Anyone do this with the pixel buds?

  98. Devarsh Patel

    Devarsh Patel

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    Can we get how to get the speakers powered by wire instead of batteries

  99. Simple Smith

    Simple Smith

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    Great idea. Will be making the casing out of marble , maybe a calacatta one. Any idea when the guide will be uploaded?

  100. Crystal Destroyer

    Crystal Destroyer

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    Yo, what's the background music name??? It's very nice