Måneskin (Italy Eurovision 2021) “I Wanna Be Your Slave” & “Zitti E Buoni” | Wiwi Jam at Home

Måneskin - Italy's Eurovision 2021 act - perform their original song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and the Sanremo version of “Zitti E Buoni” during the Wiwi Jam at Home concert.

Read the lyrics to "I Wanna Be Your Slave": wiwibloggs.com/2021/06/19/i-w...

You can watch the entire three-hour wiwibloggs concert here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TLgp...

In case you missed it, here’s our interview with Måneskin following their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2021: ilcycle.info/download/mayj1W5y3l6iYXI/wyd-w

I Wanna Be Your Slave lyrics - Måneskin

I wanna be your slave
I wanna be your master
I wanna make your heart beat
Run like rollercoasters
I wanna be a good boy
I wanna be a gangster
'Cause you can be the beauty
And I could be the monster
I love you since this morning
Not just for aesthetic
I wanna touch your body
So fucking electric
I know you scared of me
You said that I'm too eccentric
I'm crying all my tears
And that's fucking pathetic
I wanna make you hungry
Then I wanna feed ya
I wanna paint your face
Like you're my Mona Lisa
I wanna be a champion
I wanna be a loser
I'll even be a clown
Cause I just wanna amuse ya
I wanna be your sex toy
I wanna be your teacher
I wanna be your sin
I wanna be a preacher
I wanna make you love me
Then I wanna leave ya
'Cause baby I'm your David
And you're my Goliath
Mhm, ah-ha
Because I'm the devil
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a lawyer
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a killer
Who's searching for redemption
I'm a motherf*cking monster
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a bad guy
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a blonde girl
Who's searching for redemption
I'm a freak that
Is searching for redemption
I'm a motherf*cking monster
Who's searching for redemption
I wanna be your slave
I wanna be your master
I wanna make your heart beat
Run like rollercoasters
I wanna be a good boy
I wanna be a gangster
Cause you can be the beauty
And I could be the monster
I wanna make you quiet
I wanna make you nervous
I wanna set you free
But I'm too fucking jealous
I wanna pull your strings
Like you're my telecaster
And if you want to use me I could be your puppet
'Cause I'm the devil
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a lawyer
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a killer
Who's searching for redemption
I'm a motherf*cking monster
Who's searching for redemption
I wanna be your slave
I wanna be your master

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    You can watch our entire 2.5-hour Wiwi Jam concert here: ilcycle.info/download/Y4aAy6mpx31sq5g/wyd-w

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    so much damn passion and confidence they are unstopable

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    The drummer got my respect

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    So cool! Applause 😊🖖!

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    I layk maneskin musik

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    The guitar player doesn't really play....

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    Песня кайф

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    Enjoy how they overcome the toxic masculinity

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    This song is so fuckin good ngll

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    That "mmmm aha" killed myself QWQ

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    Wanna be foi slave

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    El futuro,ya era hora de que hubieran brotes verdes

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    Does Ethan actually whip out a cowbell for the first song? The camera wasn't on him 😔

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    as a raging pansexual, måneskin is my religion

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    The hilarious idea of a lot of people who don't even like rock music pretending to when in reality there's one thing they actually like, or one person rather. Yes, One Direction fans I'm talking about you.

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    Fantastic music

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      Спасибо большое ❤️

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    The Roman Gods are Reborn !

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    @Ellbat you don’t have to Announce. Since day one you are who you are, they’re not proud to be Bisexual they’re proud of who they are. 🥱 these are my friends.. all people are different and not created equal if you cannot understand that your are Ultra Sensitive, Soft, & Over Politically correct.

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    Почему мне больше всего нравится как он именно тут исполняет эти песни, официальные версии не настолько крутые.

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    I think that singer likes boys

    • Shara Sainie

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      He is the literal personification of masculinity, complete with a girlfriend. You seem like the stereotypical type so what gave you the impression that he likes boys-

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    günlük rutinimin bir parçası oldu resmen her gece geliyorum buraya :’)

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