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Cleopatra is the brand new album from The Lumineers
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Music video by The Lumineers performing The Ballad Of Cleopatra. (C) 2017 The Lumineers, under exclusive licence to Decca, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd


  1. Lalli


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    Edith Lin

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  3. Not Suitable

    Not Suitable

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    I want this to be a movie

  4. Marcelo Costa

    Marcelo Costa

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    as vezes eu me pego vindo aqui visitar essa obra de arte impecável e todas as vezes eu me surpreendo mais! amo The Lumineers e isso nunca deixará de ser verdade.

  5. Marcelo Costa

    Marcelo Costa

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    as vezes eu me pego vindo aqui visitar essa obra de arte impecável e todas as vezes eu me surpreendo mais! amo The Lumineers e isso nunca deixará de ser verdade.

  6. madelin cifuentes

    madelin cifuentes

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  7. Setia Novanto

    Setia Novanto

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    beautiful always... :')

  8. Thomas Winge

    Thomas Winge

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    just figured it out!

  9. joão


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    Esse álbum é perfeito aff🥺

  10. Imad Eddine BEDRA

    Imad Eddine BEDRA

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    i love u

  11. Μαρία-Ελένη Γεωργοπούλου

    Μαρία-Ελένη Γεωργοπούλου

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  12. mario sblobic

    mario sblobic

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  13. Pranjal Bhor

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  14. SoletLuna


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    Also god damn smile at someone passing by it will change their life.

  15. SoletLuna


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    Everything about this is so beautiful and gorgeous. Makes me so thankful.

  16. fer ♡

    fer ♡

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    Such a beautiful experience.

  17. Tobie Roesner

    Tobie Roesner

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  18. Derrick Michaels

    Derrick Michaels

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    The band has been amazing since they started!

  19. indee mood

    indee mood

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    I'm listening to this while packing unused clothes for charity. Most of it from 2013, when my Dad passed away. I have difficulty giving away or throw away something that mines or used to be mine or reminds me of someone. The song blend so well with every clothes (memory) that I fold. Memory is something precious, that's what makes life are beautiful. Thank you for making the whole album. Thank you for helping me to let it all go.

  20. Huyền Trân Võ Đặng

    Huyền Trân Võ Đặng

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    what is the first song's name?

    • Hritik


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      O phelia

  21. Victoria Ackley

    Victoria Ackley

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    Brava! goosebumps!

  22. Kevin vazquez

    Kevin vazquez

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    this is amazing it makes to valorate my life and the person who its going to be the rest of my life great video

  23. Alex Gryniv

    Alex Gryniv

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  24. Borgio Cornwall

    Borgio Cornwall

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    I love to poo while listening to this song!

  25. Smoove J

    Smoove J

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    2:00 loving the air bass. Can’t believe i just now noticed that.



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  28. Hajnalka Gere

    Hajnalka Gere

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    I love his voice! 😊😍

  29. Emma Isabel Rodríguez Mejías

    Emma Isabel Rodríguez Mejías

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    ... Masterpiece ...

  30. Tina Grantham

    Tina Grantham

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    Oh h h h h the eye🎶

  31. Maeve C

    Maeve C

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    Am I the only one who thought that if the guy had really loved her he would’ve waited for her to mourn her dad a little bit

  32. Mueres En El Mar

    Mueres En El Mar

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    beautiful, very beautiful presented

  33. JusTshepho


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    what a video/movie!! So good you have to watch it twice....

  34. Akash Photo

    Akash Photo

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    Well , I am not a person who cries watching contents but here's a little tear drop straight from the heart ❤️

  35. Алексей Калинин

    Алексей Калинин

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    Не думал, что меня так зацепит. Продуманность и мнргогранность - потрясающе. Просто пугающе прекрасно...

  36. B K

    B K

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    damn, the amount of thought that you guys put into your music is just amazing! its never just music, its a story, and its damn beautiful! lots of love from Kenya

  37. Meighan Walsh

    Meighan Walsh

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    I cry every time I watch this. So much meaning, so many choices, so many paths to take and ways for our stories to unfold. If I go to the river, my life will go this way, if I climb a mountain another. I try to do both and it tears me in half. Stay home, be loved, go out, find love.

  38. Sawyer Rydzewski

    Sawyer Rydzewski

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    I love how there is a character called “UFO Believer” in the credits 23:29

    • Jeo Par

      Jeo Par

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      There's a video somewhere in vimeo about it. Its the raw footage of the sleep on the floor video that shows their roadtrip. So they're laughing their asses of the guy's stories and conspiracy theories

    • hc sports

      hc sports

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      11:07 I'm pretty sure this is him.

  39. jorge velez

    jorge velez

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    Is it ok if me like a man I'm doing a Cleopatra?

  40. Облачко


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    Hello from 07/06/2021,this video is absolutely incredable and i want to say is so different and live it how you want ,because anyone know what will be tommorow(it's so obvious,but anyway................)

  41. Jeff Guido

    Jeff Guido

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    beautiful, no ads !! wouahh

  42. John Rashid Elisan

    John Rashid Elisan

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  43. B J

    B J

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    If we’re lucky the accidents of history conspire and maybe we get to do a few runs around the big light, down here where the wind blows glimmering ripples in the waves, and at night, when all things are quiet but the owls and the rustling leaves, the stars come out and play their game of hide and seek through the dark canvas, like winking smiling children who laugh and sing to us from afar; then we might just laugh and sing along with them until it’s time to hand the gift of the magic dust back over to the Great Magician, so he can weave new hearts into being on the Loom of Life-hearts woven out of stands of love. Strands of love…

  44. Cristóbal Ignacio Pablo Valenzuela ávila

    Cristóbal Ignacio Pablo Valenzuela ávila

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    no se si entienden el español pero si son los lumineers de verdad soy su fan y estaba muy emocionado cuando y van a venir a chile de lolapaluza pero la pandemia lo estropio y me preguntaba sipodrian hacer otro cuando se acabe la pandemia¡

  45. Mya Kressin

    Mya Kressin

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    i think "sleep on the floor" and "angela" are linked- don't come at me but i just realized this-

  46. Just A Hooman

    Just A Hooman

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    what a beautiful movie I've ever watched

  47. ayelenn


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    es una obra de arte

  48. Amit Mani

    Amit Mani

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  49. Alisson Victor

    Alisson Victor

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    Ouvi esse álbum antes de me apaixonar, ouvi quando estava apaixonado, ouvi quando tive a decepção amorosa e estou ouvindo agora... Sem paixão alguma por alguém, mas sentindo os sentimentos que essa música transmite das mais variadas formas.

  50. A Google User

    A Google User

    19 ימים לפני I figured it out. Dont skip down the street because at one point in an alley youll ruin your expensive shoes walking in the gutter with huge puddles and the water will saturate and...Dont take a cab too much because with the price of gas youll only end up with enough money to by a second hand Volvo with parts from 'pick a part' and drive across country with some guy that you end up pissed off at when you're broke and cant get gas and then get married in your mind (which is a total mental mess by the way)...and when you get married for real (probably another mistake)make sure your husband knows you want a kid so you don't leave him when he throws a fit because your a 'right to lifer' and he's "pro choice' were getting bored of him and wanted the baby anyway and you never saw him again until the young you was getting on a tour bus while looking at an older self driving a cab picking up your kid and eating a cheeseburger with your kid who is a young man...that you will never see again...when you were at the end of middle age driving yourself to the assisted living home in your cab...which your driving because you didn't buy microsoft early on and have a 4000 sq ft house in Tarzana with no live in help with 5 bedrooms (ones an office another a workout room...O yeah...the 1500 Sq Ft 2 bedroom/w office Pool House..should of bought Amazon!) even though you only have one kid who never comes around and just waiting for you to die to get the estate(we never see him after the cheeseburger...and we didn't really see him eat the whole cheeseburger, just two bites and...just one french fry... betcha somebody in the video crew got the rest of the looked good!) Or maybe you never got married and you imagined a son that you dropped off and then watched him go with the guy who would has been your husband and another women that could have been you from the back into the house...and was that a wake ( its was never established what the gathering is) that they were at for you?...or your husband to be and were fantasizing the whole thing about running away with him? And maybe that whole trip was with him only in your mind and he gave you a son before he died. Even though that might have been your wake he vanishes from the video at one point Anyway,I think i get it... Choices? What choices? in the end, this way, that way, up, down, peace, acceptance, guilt, remorse, happiness, regret, satisfaction, etc??? As the last light goes out in the corridor you think WTF! When/Where did it all go!?*** Einstein said "There is NO time...We just occupy space." (I think the composers/producers/directors of the video along with the music present this concept beautifully as time stops while watching... you feel every moment is now at a pinpoint least I did.) *** Then, you realize...this was much more than a cruise! Everything that IS (IS a de-verbal noun), was BORROWED and never yours to begin with. And as Allen Watts said..."Does it really matter?" Not to 'throw a wrench in the gears' here but now y'all got to figure out what 'IT' is. Are we (Was Allen Watts) using the word 'IT" as a concrete noun, an abstract noun, a plain old noun or something more nebulous as a type of verb? Perplexing and compelling...isn't it!? And perhaps on a Zen level writing about this is pointless except for the sake of explanation. I hope many people get this composers intent of what I feel this work means. Well, as they say...I digress. I also get that without the video you might think the composition is over at about 3 minutes and change the station... Isn't it great this is just a big universe with so much anywhere or everywhere or nowhere to BE...or NOT to be All that said, I REALLY enjoyed this Lovely work of art! The dichotomy and duality of the Universe...and of all things are brilliant here

  51. Winner


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    I can't believe i ignored this ballad for 4 years... i simply listened to a song or two on this album over the years. absolutely beautiful from start to finish. what a story!

  52. Jose Andrade

    Jose Andrade

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    This is fucking awesome

  53. Lilian Pereira

    Lilian Pereira

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    Ahhh o mais perfeito de tudo foi que ele a música Ophelia é referência a Hamlet de Shakespeare, podemos ver que a água representante o rio em que ela se jogou (mais não é comprovado que ela se suicidou)!! E na música ele fala que agora ele têm uma nova namorada mais ainda existe àquele sentimento agridoce pela Ophelia.

  54. claudio guatta

    claudio guatta

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    one of the best thing i listen and watch! Thank you

  55. rini panggabean

    rini panggabean

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    I am back here again....and again....and again...

  56. ashaman72


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    My hat is off to the casting director. Those women look like they could be the same woman at different stages of her life.

  57. Larii Silva

    Larii Silva

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    Perfect :')

  58. Matt Whitaker

    Matt Whitaker

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  59. Friedemann Frohberg

    Friedemann Frohberg

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    Good to see that woody harrelson is talented in so many ways.

  60. Amoryn saayman

    Amoryn saayman

    22 ימים לפני a sad song

  61. Sheryle Hamid

    Sheryle Hamid

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    Me hizo sentir

  63. Giorgio Moreno

    Giorgio Moreno

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    co co philia :P

  64. Pragati Sambrani

    Pragati Sambrani

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  65. annka huj

    annka huj

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    Someone in 2021?:)

  66. Matheus Oliveira

    Matheus Oliveira

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    esse álbum me da uma explosão de pensamentos, lembranças sentimentos

  67. Hellen Piris

    Hellen Piris

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    Feels lonely and happy at the same time

  68. Anna Flávia Charallo

    Anna Flávia Charallo

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    this is art.

  69. Javi


    24 ימים לפני

    I'm going through a strange time and this eases me every time

    • Guilty Bat

      Guilty Bat

      21 יום לפני

      Hang in there mate, you'll be ok..

  70. Alice Costa De Andrade

    Alice Costa De Andrade

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  71. O A

    O A

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    Masterpiece, that’s the word you’re looking for.

  72. Nutella On Toast

    Nutella On Toast

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    This Smile life ad woman is definitely on the autistic spectrum. Can someone please confirm?!

  73. Seabrook Di'Laurentiz

    Seabrook Di'Laurentiz

    26 ימים לפני

    Why the Title The Ballad of Cleopatra?

    • Blasta Bodsta

      Blasta Bodsta

      24 ימים לפני

      Most of the songs are focused around the journey of one girl. She is Cleopatra.

  74. Virgilio Pineda IV

    Virgilio Pineda IV

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    She's so beautiful

  75. Pipiasi Bogdan : Daemon

    Pipiasi Bogdan : Daemon

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  76. Pedro Lee Kim

    Pedro Lee Kim

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    1. Ophelia (00:00) 2. Cleopatra (4:43) 3. Patience (8:26) 4. Sleep on the floor (9:25) 5. Angela (13:24) 6. My eyes (18:40) 7. Patience (22:26)

  77. nikita senberg

    nikita senberg

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    Everybody saw Peter Parker from PS4 game?

  78. Taty Bresciani

    Taty Bresciani

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    eu sempre quis saber o nome do ator que entra no 6:12'

  79. Keel


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  80. Julia Phillipsvuiuyf

    Julia Phillipsvuiuyf

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  81. alvaru


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    que... fantástico, bonito, forte, encantador, excepcional.

  82. insham


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    what a life



    חודש לפני

    6:52 what did he say?

  84. Leonardo León

    Leonardo León

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    They seems Coldplay! So, only the voice

  85. Tiffany C

    Tiffany C

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  86. Hector Luis Contreras Di Girolamo

    Hector Luis Contreras Di Girolamo

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    i love this, really is the firs whit i listen in my morning... really love!!!

  87. Jonas Santos

    Jonas Santos

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    2021 e essas músicas ainda me fazem chorar.

  88. Athalas Quill

    Athalas Quill

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  89. pedro vitral rezende

    pedro vitral rezende

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    reminded of baby driver

  90. Marcelo San

    Marcelo San

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    Será que algum dia eles vão vir aqui pra o Brasil, pra a gente cantar essas músicas junto deles e chorar horrores? Esse projeto deles é simplesmente perfeito. Tudo por traz da história, a forma como tudo se conecta, a sensibilidade que está em absolutamente tudo me deixa sempre extasiado. Não me canso de assistir. ❤️

  91. Tyler Dickamore

    Tyler Dickamore

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    Thank you, Lumineers for sharing this incredibly raw and inspiring masterpiece. This is one of those pieces of art that make me so thankful that people devote their time and talent to their craft so that these songs can be set free upon the world. Truly impactful and gripping. It evokes all the ranges of emotion. Truly a poignant song for me in my life right now. I applaud and admire all the creative focus it must have taken to bring us this song. Incredible.

  92. Jorge Luiz Steel

    Jorge Luiz Steel

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    é inexplicável como essas musicas pode te ajudar, me acalma, todos os dias escuto

  93. Sircharlesthepoet


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    yall this ballad is about how at 25 years old, this girl made one choice--she decided to say "no"--and that one choice set the course of the rest of her life to ending up in ruins. Yo this is sad af bruh

  94. Mc Jay Acedilla

    Mc Jay Acedilla

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    0:11 Who wouldn't love Neyla's smile? ❤❤

  95. Caryll Rose Genelazo

    Caryll Rose Genelazo

    חודש לפני

    I am forever grateful to witness this. It's been 4 years yet this still makes my heart wrench.

  96. Caryll Rose Genelazo

    Caryll Rose Genelazo

    חודש לפני

    Free will is an illusion. Every decision you make changes every life you touch.

    • Mc Jay Acedilla

      Mc Jay Acedilla

      חודש לפני

      I totally agree with this. And seeing this MV is just totally heart-wrenching enough to wonder where you are right now if you decided to stay/leave.

  97. Samantha Sterling

    Samantha Sterling

    חודש לפני

    Everything appears fake when jealousy is involved it's never to late to take back the love of a lifetime or try each other out

  98. Samantha Sterling

    Samantha Sterling

    חודש לפני

    I'm on a new road a decision was a huge one stay or leave so I stayed hoping to find my kids so I can smile again

  99. Ari Chama

    Ari Chama

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    • Ari Chama

      Ari Chama

      חודש לפני

  100. Sergey Martychshenko

    Sergey Martychshenko

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    Это невероятно красиво и вдохновляюще!!!!! Спасибо!!!