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20th Century Studios and Locksmith Animation’s “Ron’s Gone Wrong” is the story of Barney, a socially awkward middle-schooler and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device, which is supposed to be his “Best Friend out of the Box.” Ron’s hilarious malfunctions, set against the backdrop of the social media age, launch them into an action-packed journey in which boy and robot come to terms with the wonderful messiness of true friendship.

“Ron’s Gone Wrong” features the voices of Zach Galifianakis (“A Wrinkle in Time”), Jack Dylan Grazer (“Shazam!”), Olivia Colman (“The Crown”), Ed Helms (“The Office”), Justice Smith (“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”), Rob Delaney (“Deadpool 2“), Kylie Cantrall (“Gabby Duran and the Unsittables”), Ricardo Hurtado (“The Goldbergs”), Marcus Scribner (“Black-ish”), Thomas Barbusca (“Chad”).

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  1. Leah c

    Leah c

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  2. babu dxb

    babu dxb

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    I felt it, when the bot got hit by the bus!

  3. Stephen Atwood

    Stephen Atwood

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    This came out of nowhere. Better late than never with its ad campaign. Looks dang promising.

  4. Job Celis

    Job Celis

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    I can’t wait for this movie to be on Disney+ soon

  5. The Critical thought

    The Critical thought

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    Big hero six, next gen, and Mitchell’s vs the machines. That’s what the over all vibe of this trailer. Oh and the chunky reboot.

  6. Orion Garza

    Orion Garza

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    Why did sound so deep when he said "Dad YOU GOT ME ONE" but so high when he said "My B*Bot, B*Bot"

  7. Orion Garza

    Orion Garza

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    I feel like the producers ran out of months for the movie's release so they decided to set it's release in October along with Hotel Transylvania 4 and The Addams Family 2

  8. Blikk Skylark

    Blikk Skylark

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    what would be the real lesson from this ?

  9. Daniel Samuel

    Daniel Samuel

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    I wanna see the reason as to why he couldnt just carry it back or get it repaired from the manufacturers

  10. afro josh

    afro josh

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    they are doing this without blue sky

  11. Cosmichu


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    This is basically child's play but without the horror... Seems boring

  12. Lolo Bagginz

    Lolo Bagginz

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    Next gen vibes

  13. James Mercilus

    James Mercilus

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    Producer: If it's defective, why not return it? Writer: So the movie can happen.

  14. LegoCookieDoggie


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    Ah billionaire future dream of buying their product just to look cool with the other kids

  15. CheckerRose


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    The design of the B-Bots looks very similar to the design of the robots for a comic I drew in 5th grade... including the “malfunctioning” one which is the main character’s broken “Help-Bot” (I was a very un original 5th grader alright?)

  16. wow


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    thought this was an apple ad in the beginning

  17. Vigen Studio

    Vigen Studio

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    When you don't have good Wi-Fi

  18. Renas salahudden

    Renas salahudden

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    A robot with ADHD

  19. fluffy3049


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    1:35 "on a sababa" you enjoy that sababa (I'm assuming it was supposed to be safari??) I hope you see cool stuff little guy lol



    2 ימים לפני

    He said” Addis Ababa” 😭 so cute

  21. Canadian Mustang

    Canadian Mustang

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    Looked like an actual advertisement for a while there

  22. GrammarNazi238


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    Big Hero 6 + The Mitchells vs The Machines = Ron's Gone Wrong.

  23. Laima Wolf

    Laima Wolf

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    Baymax? Is that your ripoff? 😂👌 But seriously,this looks cool but nothing can beat Spiderman: into the spider verse in my opinion,not even big hero 6

  24. YogurtCat


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    There is gonna be betrayal between the two, im calling it

  25. Birdie Flips

    Birdie Flips

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    This is definitely about Down syndrome or autism

  26. Mr GoGs

    Mr GoGs

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    bro... just send it back and get a new one... why embarrass yourself?

  27. Loki TheGuywhogavebirthtoahorse

    Loki TheGuywhogavebirthtoahorse

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    Major next gen vibes

  28. AudioVideophile


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    Wall-E's EVE.

  29. Kellee Williams

    Kellee Williams

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  30. VileSock


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    The whole point of this movie is that I finally have to accept that I am a Ron and this is awesome

  31. Slashy Bashy

    Slashy Bashy

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    Wait how did I miss this a month ago?

  32. dahlia richter

    dahlia richter

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    So for the ad part of the trailer.. I was in the theatre watching Peter rabbit 2 I actually wanted one.. but it turned out to be a movie trailer.

  33. Joseph Carrino

    Joseph Carrino

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    Better be an excuse on why it wasn't returned within 30 days or manufacture warranty replacement

  34. dj tt

    dj tt

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    I feel this kids pain so much as someone who rarely had whatever new in thing other people had. I didn't even get a smartphone until my last semester of uni. And I'm glad. I would have failed so hard if I'd had as much unhindered access to the net as I do now.

  35. Heath Bros. Productions

    Heath Bros. Productions

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    Black Mirror 6 looks much different.

  36. Roc Morella

    Roc Morella

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    looks like if apple created their own baymax

  37. Frogger


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    Been waiting for this since it was announced

  38. Isabel S

    Isabel S

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    Baymax and Wall - E are the only Robot that has my heart

  39. eti watson

    eti watson

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    Hi, my name is con-

  40. JPXFRD


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    I have a feeling the endings gonna be sad

  41. Brian Wanke

    Brian Wanke

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    Baymax but funky kid and 3D oval

  42. Emmett360


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    I just spent 10 minutes looking for a Dungeons and Daddies reference, what is wrong with me?

  43. aRctic


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    Why do I feel like Pixar is like those youtubers that pump out all the content because they're gonna go on vacation or smt

  44. StarboardSett


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    So, Gir the movie but without other charming characters?

  45. Eugene V. Debs

    Eugene V. Debs

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    So is this Disney?

  46. Mudball Creative

    Mudball Creative

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    So good, I tried to skip it at the beginning.

  47. Lethality


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    So... did anyone see the Chicken Choking scene.....

  48. b1njjj95


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    This is giving me Next Gen vibes, except Next Gen made me cry like 5 times. I doubt this movie will make me cry.

  49. Mo 2k

    Mo 2k

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    Weird nose

  50. Tom Malard

    Tom Malard

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    It's very scary

  51. The Pink Journal Rehearsal Project

    The Pink Journal Rehearsal Project

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    how did i click on the thumbnail thinking this was a new pixar movie i hadn't heard about

  52. Luke Jones

    Luke Jones

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    This is literally the most uninspired thing ive ever seen and everyones just eating it up am i missing something apart from “cute robot is silly”

  53. Annelise Le’ Onion

    Annelise Le’ Onion

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    This thing looks like Eve from Wally mixed with Beymax from big hero six

  54. Samurai Forever91

    Samurai Forever91

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    it feels like they ripped off Gen 2

  55. ZGlove


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    0:35-0:41 Earth layers Volcanoes Rocks and space stuff Barnabas is a certified Terra Nerd!

  56. ZGlove


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    1:00 It looks like a post-stroke Baymax.

  57. Alen Fora

    Alen Fora

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    Yeahh why not make a human friend just bought yourself a robot

  58. Alberto Perez

    Alberto Perez

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  59. R Mawbz

    R Mawbz

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    The new Child's Play trailer looks a bit.. off

  60. Mares Toon

    Mares Toon

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    I Imgine If Apple Made A Robot

  61. Madhankumar M

    Madhankumar M

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    for the first 20 secs i was searching for skip button so that i can get to the trailer.

  62. Santiago Rábago

    Santiago Rábago

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    wannabe baymax

  63. Tuuli Naaris

    Tuuli Naaris

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    I liked the Mitchell's but im sure this movie will be good too 👍🏻 Can't wait

  64. Peter Durung Chyang

    Peter Durung Chyang

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    it remind me of doreamon

  65. Cosmic Latte

    Cosmic Latte

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    I wasn’t going to watch until this scene changed my mind 1:37

  66. AB BC

    AB BC

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    Next Gen anyone?

  67. mj belanger

    mj belanger

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    Y did I laugh 😂 I actually like this hope it’s good

  68. Kallen The Second

    Kallen The Second

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    The animation is bad but not to bad

  69. Xiomani Urbina

    Xiomani Urbina

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    Son, We have a b-bot at home B-bote at home:

  70. Jak Baron King

    Jak Baron King

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    Besides being a Big Hero Six rip, this is literally the equivalent of a kid who begs his parents to get him a smart phone and gets a Nokia flip. Only for him to develop…”affection” to the Siri option.

  71. Jake 1

    Jake 1

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    Big Hero 7

  72. Alberto


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    That Alberto from luca

  73. u know who i am

    u know who i am

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    Ron looks like if Eve and baymax had a love child

  74. The awesone nintendo fan

    The awesone nintendo fan

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    If i had a coin for everytime there was a movie about internet robots i would have 3 coins, which isnt much but its weird that it happened 3 times

  75. Brother Bear Valter

    Brother Bear Valter

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    Interesting. most likely going to be fun movie but i dont know will it be better then Mitchells Vs the Machines or Next Gen

  76. My Perspective

    My Perspective

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  77. GhostyBoi


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    I relate to Ron on a spiritual level

  78. Niko K

    Niko K

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    What is the song called that is playing during the ad bit at the beginning?

  79. Yesh _

    Yesh _

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    Why does Barney look like he’s 11 and 22 at the same time?

  80. Roughfire


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    I didn't expect the tictac robots can be friendly and I literally eat tictac right now

  81. ChibiMalin


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    Everyone mentioning Baymax but it looks much more like next gen to me

  82. Yass Panda25

    Yass Panda25

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    Bebo-bebo-bet Bebo-bebo-bet

  83. Hello And Goodbye

    Hello And Goodbye

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    Why does that robot look like ibuprofen gell capsule???

  84. poisoned bubble tea

    poisoned bubble tea

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    So... if big hero six was white

  85. Pajaro Chango

    Pajaro Chango

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    This movie plot is the perfect start for a robot apocalypse movie and *YOU* know it.

    • The awesone nintendo fan

      The awesone nintendo fan

      5 ימים לפני

      Yeah and its called next gen

  86. menikmati789


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    The robot was choking the chicken

  87. William Schmidt

    William Schmidt

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    It literally snapped a chicken’s neck right there on screen wtf

  88. Deepanjali tiwari

    Deepanjali tiwari

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    So much excited for this movie ❤️

  89. Atkia Fariha

    Atkia Fariha

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    It seems like "Child's Play"'s child version 🙄

  90. Dismo


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  91. 8MoonKnight8


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    I feel like we have so many of these types of movies

  92. Savana Crown

    Savana Crown

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    Great. Another brain wash movie ,to teach the kids that have real friends is not important anymore but have a stupid robot is the best…. Really!!!!!! What a great copy of Eva the female robot form the movie wall-e . Only the producers have to add the circles that is being the legs nothing different oh and yes this one is all together no head separated from the body like Eva but the point is there .

  93. Alex Force

    Alex Force

    5 ימים לפני

    For anyone who like this - watch "Next gen" on netflix - its about a girl and her robot. It got me almost crying in the end.

  94. Battle Angel

    Battle Angel

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    What is this, a kids movie of "Her"?!

  95. Owen


    5 ימים לפני

    This will be shite

  96. blue wolf

    blue wolf

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    Reply tough I was watching an ad but probably gonna come latter

  97. Mike DaikaijuFan

    Mike DaikaijuFan

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    I love this concept! There's too many times in my life where I get something in the mail that's straight-up broken or misprinted that I end up making work somehow, it's like it got it's own personality that way. I might just have to see this, well played. 🤔

  98. Julliana Salonga

    Julliana Salonga

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    among us!!!!!!?!?!?!

  99. Cooper Boss

    Cooper Boss

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    I'll give it props that the intro "ad" was the most realistic fake corporate tech ad I've ever seen on film.