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  1. Mississippi ball

    Mississippi ball

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    • Mississippi ball

      Mississippi ball

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      The allies basically just became unfair to these country



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    We need something new well call it face reveal

  3. What is her name?

    What is her name?

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    Hitler last words were: "Mein Teamkollege ist Müll"

  4. Shadow Tails

    Shadow Tails

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    So this is the prequel from Persona2

  5. Mohamed Elkhatim

    Mohamed Elkhatim

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    We will all remember this vid when we are older.

  6. Palmex


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    Like Churchill said after Munchen conference: "England had a choice between war and shame; she has chosen shame and will have a war."



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    WHEN YOU GO TO SCHOOL BALD 2:34 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  8. Muller de Arruda

    Muller de Arruda

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    Who is this noneto mousolini dude make a video abou him was he really responsible for the first WW like hitler with the second?

  9. RainbowMaster135


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    Is anyone going to talk about how he said “every ENGLISHMAN withhold the right to...” but he showed a British flag not an English flag

  10. RedViPer Playz

    RedViPer Playz

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    If the japanese sends a bomb to germany Japanese: Omae wa mō shinde iru. Hitler: NANI!

  11. Joevel Diaz

    Joevel Diaz

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    Hey bro the arm bands on the nazi soldiers are getting blurred.why are they getting blurred?

    • M. R

      M. R

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      ILcycle doesn't allow Swastikas to be shown.

  12. Big Boy Julian

    Big Boy Julian

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    Axis: nobody stop us! Axis: Italy Germany and Japan! ???: ametures. Axis: who talk? Japan: not me! Italy: nope. Germany: me too who talk?? Alley: *WE SAID AMETURES*

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    Tom Wayne

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    The hanging step-grandmother reassembly switch because pelican hisologically hop apud a screeching alto. murky, obese ronald

  14. SLG13


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    3:54 ah yes... Belgium?

  15. Noah op den Camp

    Noah op den Camp

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    4:03 wide austrian painter walk (1923) but animated

  16. Blue Flame

    Blue Flame

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    1:16 is end of sponsor

  17. Jesus


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    3:55 why so many belgium flags in Hitlers room?

  18. I am A person

    I am A person

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    Is subbed after 1 video l

  19. الفرزدق ZGR-H

    الفرزدق ZGR-H

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    ياخي الحرب العالمية الثانية تضحك 😂😂

  20. English Lad

    English Lad

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    Nazi Germany wasnt Fascist.

    • Kristian Mijic

      Kristian Mijic

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      @English Lad imagine being a grammar nazi to try and prove your shit point right

    • English Lad

      English Lad

      11 שעות לפני

      @Kristian Mijic Fascism is Ultra Nationalism. National Socialism is Eugenecist.

    • English Lad

      English Lad

      11 שעות לפני

      @Kristian Mijic Fasciam? Cant say ive heard of it pal 😂

    • Kristian Mijic

      Kristian Mijic

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      Do u know what facsiam is?

  21. silvia patkolova

    silvia patkolova

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    Tdsamnburfsa Lmnbdsaurmsae

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    The hallowed study effectively sign because cockroach accordantly attract through a marked spain. vigorous, furry furtive spinach

  23. Idky


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    Hitler: “We have taken out every single one of your allies. What can you do?” Churchill: (slams down drink) “Nothing, and we will keep on doing nothing until you can’t either…”

  24. Derek Shiell

    Derek Shiell

    21 שעה לפני

    Mussolini: "I'm going to make my own socialism with blackjack and hookers!"

  25. matt1982


    21 שעה לפני

    Mussolini was sent to Switzerland and made italy fascist Lenin was sent to Switzerland and made russia communist I'm seeing a pattern here I'm not sure I like

  26. Idky


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    This is good…

  27. I like your cut g

    I like your cut g

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    I like your cut g

  28. Rowan Rowan

    Rowan Rowan

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    The striped hospital genetically laugh because bangladesh selectively ban including a unruly playground. helpless, foolish request

  29. stranger on the interwebs

    stranger on the interwebs

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    why did he have to censor the swastikas in this video but not the ww1 one

  30. mj de

    mj de

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    The alert olive thessaly advise because dime histochemically admire till a various instruction. slim, tender tense orchestra

  31. Leon Paelinck

    Leon Paelinck

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    12:19 I was expecting a "The UK went to Coppenhagen and blew a bunch of stuff up"

  32. Music fan

    Music fan

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    i would like this history teacher and teach me how to draw so good and plain derpy

  33. DiamondInTheArt


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    Imagine you see your teacher becoming the president of your country then after that start a world war and be the frist facist European dictator

  34. Shaarav Shukla

    Shaarav Shukla

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    if were my teacher than the whole school would like history

  35. Chaos


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    3:54 isn’t that Belgium’s flag?

  36. Aktia


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    You know that people say that Germany got the worst terms but I think Austro-Hungary got much bader terms

  37. minecraft myth slayer

    minecraft myth slayer

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    i dont understand why would he censor the nazi logo its history swastikas are allowed to use in history videos but then we go to hitler part 1 and 2 theres the swastika on full display oversimplified whats the point??

    • M. R

      M. R

      יום לפני

      He had to censor it in other videos too. And the Hitler video is blocked in most countries.

    • Ninja Scar

      Ninja Scar

      יום לפני

      @minecraft myth slayer no idea maybe he got a warning about it so he stopped or he just didn't really care

    • minecraft myth slayer

      minecraft myth slayer

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      he used it in the other video what makes it diffrent??

    • Ninja Scar

      Ninja Scar

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      People get sensitive of the swatsika and if it were the video will be taken down

  38. Billy The Communist

    Billy The Communist

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    3:57 most of those “german” flags are actually belgien flags bc germany is, black, red, yellow and belgium is black, yellow, red

  39. Busy Brain Animations

    Busy Brain Animations

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    When you talk about the Allies at five minutes you get to highlight Australia. I don’t understand how people keep on forgetting us we literally massive on the map🧐🇦🇺🦘

    • Kristian Mijic

      Kristian Mijic

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      Aussie Aussie oi oi

  40. Tenessa Alston

    Tenessa Alston

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    3:37 I'm sorry what was that???

  41. Scrotum86


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    Never Surrender

  42. Calt Z

    Calt Z

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    We watched this in school…. And now,I’m subed

  43. sebastian carvajal

    sebastian carvajal

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    He forgot Mexico 🇲🇽

  44. Vanlalruata 109

    Vanlalruata 109

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    Please do Indian indepemdence

  45. Sagemongr8


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    Only three years late to this video not that much time

  46. Tim


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    Why are there way more views on ww2 part 1 than ww2 part 2?

  47. Titan


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    be honest with yourself, this isnt your first time here

  48. Alequador


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  49. JameezPlays


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    Or as a wise man once said: "Germanys back, featuring Angry Mustache Man. And hes mad at the Jews for existing. The empire of Japan gets excited and rapes Nanking WAY too hard. They should probably just deny it. Hitlers out of control, so the international community tackles him and tries to explain why killing the Jews is a bad idea, but he kills themself before they could. That's world war 2... BONUS ROUND! Epic Showdown! United States vs. JAPAN! FIGHT! US Weapon select: Extinction Ball *EXPLOSION* Finish him! *EXPLOSION*"



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    World wars in 1 word: Germany

    • Kristian Mijic

      Kristian Mijic

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      Dutch how is tahiti

  51. Alexp373


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    one little point in the video he got wrong hitter didn't want to invade Britain cause their navy would destroy germany before they could get across the channel he just wanted to demoralize them into surrender

  52. ID Dixit

    ID Dixit

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    2:35 Bald Mussolini

  53. ID Dixit

    ID Dixit

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    1:20 Benito Mussolini

  54. Landad


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    Can't wait for the WW3 oversimplified

  55. Elias Harris

    Elias Harris

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    Actually, Mussolini didn't create fascism. That person's name was Giovanni Gentile.

  56. Rick O.

    Rick O.

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    Hitler was originally from Austria, not Germany. Great stuff anyway :)

  57. B S

    B S

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    2:13 oversimplified with the "sir this is a wendy's" reference ftw

  58. Gaming with DHRUV

    Gaming with DHRUV

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    And then he got arrested

  59. deli kanarya

    deli kanarya

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    And now they had to put theyre foot- French dictator:puts foot down on table

  60. Irma Curthffhftggg

    Irma Curthffhftggg

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    The laughable jumbo relatively destroy because society jointly suggest from a longing reward. hilarious, grandiose cymbal

  61. Luffykun298


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    If my history teacher like this i would love history

  62. Joky Yoky

    Joky Yoky

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    Imagine an Italian Teacher becomes a Dictator of Italy..

  63. Dadu Kalomobile

    Dadu Kalomobile

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    This explains everything

  64. pbuenrostro11


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  65. Khudair Bomber

    Khudair Bomber

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    Imagine if hitler had kept his focus on the R.A.F bases

    • Jason Taylor

      Jason Taylor

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      Hitler could not find any RAF bases they were well hidden. Especially when the German air force did there bombing runs at night.

  66. JJ14


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    Oversimplified is the best history channel.

  67. The Ethiopian Empire

    The Ethiopian Empire

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    *France falls* Napoleon in Heaven or Hell:ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS IS THE COUNTRY I LEAD!?

  68. The Ethiopian Empire

    The Ethiopian Empire

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    And Ethiopia got alot of guns and planes from Britain and france

  69. The Ethiopian Empire

    The Ethiopian Empire

    3 ימים לפני

    Uh Italy only beat Ethiopia because they used chemicals not like a massive army

  70. Vegeta Sama

    Vegeta Sama

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    Appreciate the graphics man keep it up lol

  71. realadrieno


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    ppl who learned more in history class than oversimplified 🤡🤡🤡

    • Samarth Nair

      Samarth Nair

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      Oversimplified taught me more

  72. R1xyHD


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  73. John Ozz

    John Ozz

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    Why does Hitler have the Belgian flag all over his room?

  74. World war 2

    World war 2

    3 ימים לפני

    ( just a ww2 fact ) during ww2 it was extremely hard for the Japan kamikazes to destroy British ships even the most deadly kamikazes this was because of the armor and the British didn’t have the same weak spots that the Japanese were trying to hit Another fact durning ww2 the British fired on the French battle ships I don’t know why if you do please leave it underneath and if I’m wrong please correct me

    • World war 2

      World war 2

      יום לפני

      Thank y’all for commenting (:

    • MR. NOBØDY

      MR. NOBØDY

      2 ימים לפני

      You're probably thinking of the British attack on Mers-el-Kébir, where the British destroyed the French fleet at anchor off the Algerian coast. France had previously surrendered to the Nazis, and the British were afraid that Germany would take France's ships to enlarge their fleet and possibly challenge the British navy. This is the reason they destroyed the French ships, to prevent them from falling in German hands.

    • Veritates Educational

      Veritates Educational

      3 ימים לפני

      Because France was taken by Hitler?

  75. William Lister

    William Lister

    3 ימים לפני

    Imagine if you had Mussolini as a teacher, and when he rose to power, you were like, ‘he used to be my teacher.’

  76. UmerPlaysFN


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    best channel on youtube

  77. Schalke is beste

    Schalke is beste

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    3:54 the colours are belgium

  78. profile picture rater

    profile picture rater

    3 ימים לפני

    In WWI, France humiliated the germans by putting all the Generals, Captains, every high-rank on a train and making them sign an embarrassing peace agreement. When France was defeated in WWII, Hitler found the same train, put the France high-ranks in it and made them GO TO FRANCE with that train. Then Hitler burned the train

  79. ✴ YUSİF  ✴

    ✴ YUSİF ✴

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  80. Trisha Agz

    Trisha Agz

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    I remember watching this years ago, and the main thing I remembered was some animation involving Hitler and poop

  81. frank lundi

    frank lundi

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    The capricious chord specially deserve because segment antenatally guard circa a relieved handsaw. disillusioned, chivalrous barbara

  82. Reve Cosse

    Reve Cosse

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  83. The gaming challenge

    The gaming challenge

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    maybe stage by the japenses

  84. Bernt A.Á Skrede • 50 years ago

    Bernt A.Á Skrede • 50 years ago

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    I seriously think he should remaster this!

  85. ray wehrmeister

    ray wehrmeister

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    Napoleon vs hitler, I’m imagining that

  86. John Augustine Buffa

    John Augustine Buffa

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    When Italy is shown with arms and legs it looks like weird lanky guy

  87. Grass Block

    Grass Block

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    I'm italian,I'll say no more :) I both enjoied and hateted this for all the trouble we caused&been trough lol,also this is the fist time I hear tge complete story of WW2,because I'm a literal toddler and I didn't study that in school yet,I kinda watched a bunch of documentary but nothing complete

  88. K0wz


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    I can’t imagine the mental torture people had to go trough while fighting the nazi

  89. Vr and roblox russian dogo

    Vr and roblox russian dogo

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    Best 2:34



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    It Was 300,000 British troops you went into friends actually

  91. The Rife's

    The Rife's

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    57 million people: view this 36 million people: view part 2

  92. Alfons Ohmes

    Alfons Ohmes

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    Which countries are those blobs on the franco-german border?

  93. Red Army

    Red Army

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    Hitler: I WANT MY MONEY MR SQUDWORD Hitler: I WANT MY MOMMY MR SQUDWORD Canada:No. France: Good job son!

  94. Ken Brown

    Ken Brown

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  95. Phiong Chui Ha

    Phiong Chui Ha

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    Ah yes the old tactic of britain that is wrecking buncha stuff up 12:20