Klay Thompson 37 Point Quarter Full HD Highlights 1/23/2015 Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings

Klay Thompson breaks the scoring record in a quarter. He goes 13 for 13 from the field and 9 for 9 from three scoring 37 points in the 3rd quarter versus the Sacramento Kings.


  1. Danceables


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    Wow! But is he done? It's been too long since he's played, and his injury has ended many careers.

  2. Sam Rehmer

    Sam Rehmer

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    God mode activated

  3. D Hldt

    D Hldt

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    Sacramento didn't help with their turnovers. Too much pressure

  4. jack ford

    jack ford

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  5. Joe Sil

    Joe Sil

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  7. 津嘉山優


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    This is without a doubt the greatest heat check in history

  8. jaybanthony


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    Unreal - Can't wait for him to get back this season!!

  9. lebrunj1


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    I wondered how much he would have socred had he played in the 4th quarter. I know that they did not want him to get injured or risk it but i wanted to see if he would have scored 80 or more with the route he was going

  10. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

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    Tied at 58, then up by 24 points lmfao

  11. Luis Sanchez

    Luis Sanchez

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    Pfff I do this in 2k all the time

  12. Al Aguirre

    Al Aguirre

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  13. Lamar Miller

    Lamar Miller

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    It’s like he turned the sliders up for this one

  14. CO NANNN


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    I'm a big curry fan, but I had to admit curry can only sit and watch when Klay is hot lul

  15. Anjel Rukmini

    Anjel Rukmini

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  16. Gene jacob Mata

    Gene jacob Mata

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    cousins: 14 points the whole basketball game

  17. Angel HD

    Angel HD

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    I remember listening/watching this game as background noise while doing homework. I was like wth, Im watching this game now. Lol



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  19. Jordan Mobley

    Jordan Mobley

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  20. Jordan Mobley

    Jordan Mobley

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  21. Justin York

    Justin York

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    Unpopular opinion.... Klay is a better shooter than Steph. or at least almost. That warriors team had 2 top 5 shooters all-time on the same team. 😭

  22. Fumani Shibambu

    Fumani Shibambu

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    Nah this is some supernatural shit. No ways 😳

  23. King Tshilobo

    King Tshilobo

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    I didn’t even know he could actually dribble the ball. Lol

  24. Tariq McLeod

    Tariq McLeod

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  25. bradly cooper

    bradly cooper

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  26. Dhk4


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    One of the most impressive single feats I’ve ever seen in basketball

  27. Michael E

    Michael E

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    Wow, Jordan never even had a quarter like that.

  28. Travis Stockam

    Travis Stockam

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    I remember watching this live… was absolutely amazing…

  29. Sohail Jaswar

    Sohail Jaswar

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    now do that for the rest of the game 😂😂

  30. fooloof


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    Outside of the one that got the shooter's bounce, all of his shots were no-doubters.

  31. jesus's disciple  last time

    jesus's disciple last time

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    Look at the crossmoon in my clips !!Jesus Christ's judgement day is coming very soon!!! Psalms 50 15. and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me." amen

  32. DrFearfall


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    One of the greatest moments in sports history

  33. ReCharredSigh


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    One of my favorite things to watch during klay’s 37 pt explosion is to see his teammates’ reactions. When they run the elevator door play for klay at 4:00, watch justin holiday’s reaction in the bottom right corner; he already starts to run back and hold up 3 fingers because he knows it’s good.

  34. Bill Bene

    Bill Bene

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    WOW!! Amazing feat. Hope he gets back healthy this coming season

  35. oasisbeyond


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    Getting a lot of points in basketball is easy but nailing all your shots is not. amazing feet.

  36. a-dawg games yt

    a-dawg games yt

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    He literally didn’t miss… 🤯

  37. Sz-ming Chen

    Sz-ming Chen

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    It's fuuny that they already made a shot chart when Klay had 19.

  38. Michael Erickson

    Michael Erickson

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    He's my favorite basketball player no doubt no offense but in my opinion best shooter defender you name it play can do it

  39. Cq Thatdude

    Cq Thatdude

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    No one could have stopped that

  40. colonelchip


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    Klay Thompson Will Return...

  41. Aisha Bobbi

    Aisha Bobbi

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    • Evan Nagel

      Evan Nagel

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  42. Shai Hope

    Shai Hope

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  43. Imma here for Fun

    Imma here for Fun

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    This was in less then 6 minutes imagine he played like that for just 30 min he would break wilts record like nothing

  44. Shai Hope

    Shai Hope

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  45. IDunce Vods

    IDunce Vods

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    but he only had 2 in the 4th

    • Rodrigo Ferreira

      Rodrigo Ferreira

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      yea, he didn't play the entire 4th quarter to rest

  46. JP Yes I am

    JP Yes I am

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    I'm here watching this video every year ... why?

  47. Laurena Danford

    Laurena Danford

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    I don't really do this but I need to appreciate *@biggiehacks* on nstagram I got my NBA 2K account from him after I've been scammed by a motherf**ker

  48. Amir Abdullah

    Amir Abdullah

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    Idk why but he makes it look too easy

  49. ricco jaimes

    ricco jaimes

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  50. Vincent James

    Vincent James

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    Mfers saying 37 like he didn’t hit another 3 after being fouled. Im putting so much money on the warriors next season…until they run into the lakers

  51. BrayBray TechLeg

    BrayBray TechLeg

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    This is some Felix Felicis shit on god

  52. Karl Philip Espino

    Karl Philip Espino

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    So this is what zone looks like in rl xD

  53. Kevin Budzisch

    Kevin Budzisch

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  54. Jonny Morgan

    Jonny Morgan

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  55. Mjk_ Iyco

    Mjk_ Iyco

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    LMAO klay just scored more points than the carrer highs of half of the nba players within 12 mins

  56. 4R 4L

    4R 4L

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    boogie thought i might join em

  57. THE ONE


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    3:34 - 3:36 travel

  58. Dede Mattera

    Dede Mattera

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  59. coverblown21


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    the fact that he even made the 3 after the foul. i think if they would’ve extended the quarter indefinitely he just never would’ve missed again

  60. Kristian Petkov

    Kristian Petkov

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    What is Klay playing these days? Cuz he's completed this game.

  61. Beth Lee

    Beth Lee

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  62. mcgurkryans


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    37 in 9 mins.

  63. Righteous Truth Speaker

    Righteous Truth Speaker

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    Of course it happened against my Kings... smh

  64. supra angel

    supra angel

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  65. Shai Hope

    Shai Hope

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  66. Small Bets Big Wins

    Small Bets Big Wins

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    i was there sad time for my kings

  67. ahkashi.sensei


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    Bro... 1:11 I just realized he pointed at the ground... Disrespectful... I LOVE IT

  68. Denis Mari Simolde

    Denis Mari Simolde

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    still got his feelings hurt

  69. Wale


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    Anyone here in 2021?

  70. Doro Deugo

    Doro Deugo

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  71. ליאור פרץ

    ליאור פרץ

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    2021 WHO IS HERE

  72. Ansem


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    Klay was always has always will ALWAYS be better than Steph Curry BOTTOM LINE

  73. Trill J

    Trill J

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    I can’t even do that on 2k

  74. Ohood Assiri

    Ohood Assiri

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  75. Eoin Morgan

    Eoin Morgan

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  76. simon wang

    simon wang

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  77. Joseph


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    This is some video game type shit.

  78. Dean Stanford

    Dean Stanford

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    DA GOAT!!!!

  79. Chandler Kelley

    Chandler Kelley

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    Score at the beginning of the third quarter: Sacramento 58, GS 58 Score at the end of the third quarter: Sacramento 73, GS 97

  80. AlwaysRetr0


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    It's that 3 that went in after he was fouled that gets me... If he didn't make that, it would still be godlike. But that was just the sweetest cherry on top ever. Amazing. Wont ever be topped.

  81. Jeaho Kim

    Jeaho Kim

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    My brain refuses to believe this is possible

  82. JP Márquez

    JP Márquez

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    I'm felling he is going to break this record on 21-22 season

  83. Justin Negron

    Justin Negron

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    when life wasnt that bad, what a time to be alive between 2014-2016

  84. John


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    Best quarter ever hands down. Is there anything more impressive than this in NBA history? really can't think of anything

  85. Ced Burner

    Ced Burner

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    ymvgde dyrbcgd

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  87. Harvey justin

    Harvey justin

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  88. Andres Mendoza

    Andres Mendoza

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  89. Warriors Fan30

    Warriors Fan30

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    This just shows you how important Klay Thompson is for us.

  90. IcxDoggablx999


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    Tbh I don't know whats more entertaining the commentators reactions or the best shooting performance ever

  91. Mechascas


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    la mejor recomendacion que me a dado yt

  92. itsglo


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    he was feeling that shit, he was on auto pilot

  93. Deondre Clark

    Deondre Clark

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    It only gets better every time I watch it

  94. CykoruKun


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    3:04 That feeling when there are just 100 seconds left in a quarter and you know he is gonna get 10 more points

  95. ikki 76

    ikki 76

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    man he was cheating he had the game sliders all the way up LOL

  96. Stephen Walton

    Stephen Walton

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    Greatest Heat Check Ever

  97. David Sevic

    David Sevic

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    longest 12 minutes of kings' lives

  98. Breana Brant

    Breana Brant

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  99. Gregory Viktor

    Gregory Viktor

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    He went full video game Klay in that game. I hope this dude comes back healthy next year.

  100. tugsan egemen bilgin

    tugsan egemen bilgin

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